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Welcome to Rabbit Hole Bar & Dining

Dear valuable customers, very sadly I wanted to let you know we are closing the Rabbit hole bar on 29/03/2018 We are moving to the new venue with all our team.   Many thanks to supporting us and hope to see you on our new venue. Stay tuned     For all enquiries, email: enquiries@rabbitholebar.com.au   Save Save

Just a nibble or a full graze

At Rabbit Hole Bar & Dining, we have created a share-styled food menu that is designed to nurture and enhance your drinking experience.

Please come over and check over amazing Stone backed Neapolitan pizza !!!

An eclectic selection of emerging culinary trends, lent to bar classics, refines your old favorites into fresh dishes.

From April Monday - Thursday we have special menu for lunch time.



Hops, drops & cocktails that pop

Cocktails at Rabbit Hole Bar & Dining are a culinary and alcoholic institution in Sydney, thanks to our in-house cocktail guru Doug Laming. Extensive research and a genuine quest for flavours and textures has resulted in a cocktail list that captures the imagination. We have created an array of house-made syrups, spices mixes, flavoured sugars, foams & jellies with the freshest of produce. We believe in complementing and contrasting the base flavours of each alcohol we use. You will be surprised at the broad spectrum of techniques we use - some tried and tested & some very new to the Global bar scene. We use sous-vide cooking to infuse our alcohol - ensuring a cleaner, stronger tasting and more consistent infusion. Pushing the boundaries once more, the Rabbit Hole is the only bar currently using Cointreau Caviar Spherification.  The Cointreau Caviar Spherification Kit used at the Rabbit Hole is one of twelve available in the world, and allows us to produce small balls of Cointreau that literally burst in your mouth! This house favourite adds the 'wow' to an already very impressive cocktail list. The Beer & Wine list at the Rabbit Hole is equally as impressive. With a large selection of Australian and International wines, our experienced staff are happy to recommend wine that will suit your taste and mood. Our selection of boutique beers will similarly impress with a selection of Lagers, Pilsners, Ciders & much more! From August we have new cocktail menu. Click below for our beer, wine & cocktail selections.

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    Rabbit Hole Bar & Dining
  • Basement level
  • 82 Elizabeth St
  • Sydney NSW 2000

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  • Mon-Fri:12pm-Late
  • Sat:4pm-2am

    For reservations please use the button on the right or call 02 8084 2505 or email enquiries@rabbitholebar.com.au